Front-end Architecture for Large-Scale UIs


Add your first piece of website. For exemple: an amazing footer.


Add architecture for sass

$ mkdir atoms molecules pages

Externals librairies

Dependencies 101

Welcome in the new JavaScript dependencies world, jungle 🌴🌴🌴
First everything is gonna be alright, just take a breath and read theses sentences.

Npm is a package manager for Node.js
Bower is a JavaScript package manager 💀
Yarn is a package manager for your code 🚚✨

Remember just one thing every dependencies lives in package.json or bower.json

For example if you want the same layout as you can install the headroom.js library

Install with npm
$ npm install headroom.js --save
Install with bower
$ bower install --save
Install with yarn
$ yarn add headroom.js --save

🚓 Never omit --saveoption because it update automatically the dependecy file. Remember you work in a team. If you install a local dependency without saving it, you are going to break the project for others.

Import External librairies in your project

You know how works the dependencies in the JavaScript world.


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